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I've been informed that the meme cat is named Smudge and has an extensive history of being a goblin

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Cheating on a partner is honestly one of the most damaging things you can do to a person. It stays with them for the rest of their lives, makes them question their self worth endlessly and leaves emotional scars that sometimes never heal. If you found someone new, just say it.

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As a cosplayer I know what it’s like to tell a normie that I cosplay and they IMMEDIATELY assume it’s a porn/sex thingβ€” and I know this happens to other cosfolks as well.

So WHY do we do that to furries?

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🎡Spider-birb, Spider-birb, does whatever a spider-birb does🎢
Happy Halloween season everyone!

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Velux_ has been spiderfyed

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🎡Spider-birb, Spider-birb, does whatever a spider-birb does🎢
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Drafted Brees, Roethelisberger, Darius Guice, Jared Cook, and Njoku, all gone early… Then Jordan Reed, Will Fuller as waiver replacements… Sanu and JuJu stinking it up… my team has been a freakin horror x.x

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Been doing decent in two of my four fantasy football leagues, but the one I can actually talk about irl because it’s with co-workers is a complete dumpster fire thanks to injuries that keep destroying my players and it makes me hate everything.

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@Velux_@twitter.com They aight. :P

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This @Anthrocon@twitter.com, I was fortunate enough to meet and snap a photo with one of my biggest fursuit crushes, Winnipeg (@Nushaaful@twitter.com)! They are so stupidly adorable! ;u;
Thank you for taking the time!! πŸ’™

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When birds do the thing

Artist is DarkmaneTheWerewolf over on dA!

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