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My timeline is for some reason empty so here’s something. Toot!

You know when you have birds on the mind when you keep saying “quid pro quo” and “quiz pro crow”...

Additionally, if you’re voting for a party committing to removing fossil fuels from use in the near future, remind yourself that lithium mining is 1000s of more times deadly to the planet. Being green at the expense of another nation is not being green.

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Remember Canadians, if you’re voting today, take a hard look at the policies outlined by each party. Make an informed decision, and avoid parties making bold statements that contradict their goals.

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You know it’s a crappy morning when you step out the door and immediately do this because the weather feels so shitty:

Barack Obama endorsing Justin Trudeau is political interference from a foreign entity. As far as I remember that’s illegal, after Trudeau’s liberals updated the Elections Act.

Who all hates fighting with Canada Post? I know I do. Especially when they argue with you about the possibility of fixing their fuck ups.

Who all is interested in Medieval Times for my birthday?

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